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Advanced Skin Care

Your face is not like anyone else's. So why should your skincare products be exactly the same?
Prescribed Solutions is a physician strength formula with clinical tested ingredients that enhance the long term benefits of aesthetic medical procedures. It is customized to give you more exfoliation, more lifting, more anti-oxidants, more moisturization and longer lasting, visible results.

Cutting edge skincare , customized just for you.

Everyone has different skncare concerns, so one cleanser or anti-aging produt isn't efctive for different skintypes and conditions. That's why Prescribed Solutions developed the first skincare range that a doctor can customize, in a matter of seconds, with special condition-specific boosters that address your individual oncerns.

BRIGHTENING BOOSTER- A blend of natural botanicals that breaks up melanine deposits to reduce brown spots due to aging and promote even skin tone.

ANTI-INFLAMATORY BOOSTER- Natural botanicals sooth skin outbreaks and inflammation to accelerate healing.

FIRMING BOOSTER- Hydrolyzed collagen and elastin, in combination with natural botanicals, counteracts the loss of skin elasticity and firmness due to photodamage and aging.

ANTI-OXIDANT BOOSTER- Alpha Lipoic Acid and natural anti-oxidants stimulate the production of collagen while inhibiting free radical activity that results in pre-mature aging.

HYDRATION BOOSTER- Milk protein and natural ingredients hydrate the skin to help maintain its youthful appearance.

ACNE CONTROL BOOSTER- Sulfur and a Vitamins E  and D3 stem excess sebum production while healing skin prone to outbreaks.

ROSACEA CONTROL BOOSTER- Vitamin K, Goji berry extract & Glycoseaminoglycans reduce redness and irritation.

LIFTING BOOSTER- Hibiscus flower extract inhibits the mechanical factors responsible for expression lines.

MENOPAUSE CONTROL BOOSTER- Phytoestrogens address the progressive hormonal depletion that has a noticible impact on skin texture, elasticity and clarity during menopause.

SENSITIVE SKIN BOOSTER- Naturak extracts sooth and calm sensitive skin.

Prescribed Solutions is the only skincare line that enables physicians to use their professional knowledge to customize your skincare products. During your consultation, your doctor will examine your skin to determine your dermatological needs. The doctor will then boost your products with the appropriate additives. As your needs change over time, your physician will adjust your products and boosters accordingly.

With Prescribed Solutions, you'll receive your physician's personal attention- even after you left the spa.
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